Monday, July 23, 2012

Wrecks Mapping Project

Wrecks Mapping Project - Aquarius Dive center, Constanta Black Sea

For centuries divers are attracted by wrecks, for one it is the history another search for the flora and fauna and some just dive out of curiosity.

No matter the reason, a wreck becomes more interesting if she is mapped, imagine before you dive you are able to know most of the inns and outs!

You can target your dive according your wishes, explore a certain point without wasting time to find it, film or make photos from marine life what you know you can expect, aware of visibility, temperature, current etc. The list is long.

Wrecks Mapping Project.

As the name indicates, this project is made with the thought to map "Wrecks" in all there facets.

Our main focus for the moment are for some wrecks in the Romanian part of the Black Sea.

The wrecks are:

The Wrecks Mapping include:

Filming, photography, length and depth measuring, detailed drawings, where possible 3D drawings from exterior and interior, observing and registering of marine life, temperature - current and visibility recording over an extended period of time, removing from dangerous (fish) lines and fishing nets to increase the safety, etc.

All the collected information will be published on the internet for future and already certified wreck dive enthusiasts to make the most out of there wreck dive adventures.

Everybody who like this idea (individual and/or organization) and is ready to add an extra value on his/here wreck dive adventure is welcome.

Aquarius dive center Constanta Romania Black Sea wrecks mapping project

The wrecks on what you can participate is according your experience and certification level.

For the participants we offer:
  • Nitrox for free
  • Free use of Digital photo camera's, measuring equipment, slates, wet-notes.
  • And last but not least, a good time during your hobby!

Aquarius dive center Constanta Romania Black Sea PADI and IANTD scuba diving courses

If you like to participate, contact us

Clear waters,

Aquarius Wrecks Mapping Project


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