Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wreck diving with Aquarius.

Wreck diving with aquarius Dive cente, Constanta Romania - Black Sea

We from Aquarius dive center offer wreck diving in the Romanian part of the Black Sea
For this we use our own category B Offshore RIB with a 200 HP engine.

The boat is equipped with:
  • GPS, 3D Sonar, VHF, Divers First Aid and Oxygen, Dive flag (A), current line, safety equipment, etc.
Wreck diving Aquarius dive center Constanta Romania Black Sea
Diving with our RIB is very comfortable, it's quick and because of this it's possible to offer a variable day program like visiting multiple wrecks on 1 day including night (wreck) dives. For those who like to make a wreck dive but also spend some time to explore the Constanta area with family or friends join us on the morning trip and you are back around lunch. 

Inform us about your wishes and we plan together for a schedule.

No matter if you are a novice or experienced (technical) diver due to the variety in wrecks and there historically value every dive gives you as diver a new experience and the wish to explore more. 

For the wreck dive briefing(s) we use 3D Sonar images, photos and drawings to assure that you can make the most out of your wreck dive experience.

The wrecks are well preserved because of the low salinity in the Black Sea. This makes a lot of wrecks interesting for penetration (except for non trained wreck divers).

Wreck diving Aquarius dive center Constanta Romania Black Sea

Visibility on the wrecks is in the range of 3 to more than 15 meters. There is a chance to encounter a thermocline because of this we recommend to use at least a 5mm wetsuit. Strong surface current is possible but on the wrecks there is none till light.

  • Dive on historically interesting and well-preserved wrecks
  • Descend in time and revives the past
  • Dolphins around the boat is not a exception

To dive with us we ask to bring with you:
  • Logbook
  • Proper dive certificate(s)
  • Dive related insurance (like the ones what DAN offer)
  • Medical statement not older than 1 year what declares that you are fit for diving

Your ready for Excellent wreck diving, adventure and Fun !

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